B9Creator Projector Issue Checklist


If your projector is not able to turn on, blinking an error code, or is causing a projector abort error in the software. With your printer idle, run through the suggested solutions below.


1. With the projector still attached to the machine, unplug the power cable from the projector for 1 minute and wait for the power light on the projector to go out. Then plug the power cable back into the projector as shown below:

2. Remove the 2 screws for the bulb cover as well as the two screws on the bulb assembly itself as shown in the two photos below:

3. Next, remove the bulb assembly and set it carefully to the side. Note: be careful not to touch the glass on the bulb side of the assembly. The bulb removal is not necessary to access the switch in the step 4, but re-seating the bulb can help with some projector errors.

4. Now replace the bulb cover and ensure it engages the switch located in the bulb assembly bay. Do this by listening for a click as you replace the cover. If the switch doesn’t engage you can bend the tab on the switch up slightly to ensure that it will stay engaged when the cover is closed. The switch shown in the second picture is a reference for how the tab should look.

5. Now that you have checked the switch, re-seat the bulb assembly into the projector and tighten both screws. Then replace the bulb cover and re-insert and tighten both screws.

6. If the projector has aborted the print and is flashing an error code, the following chart should be able to identify the cause of the error.