Printer connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet and on the same network as the desktop Create software.

    1. Open the desktop Create software.  The Print Manager page will be displayed.

    2. Select your Printers Name and then the Print Library field as shown below.

    3. Select Add New Print.

    4. A window will open on your computer.

    5. Navigate to the cpj file on your computer you wish to transfer to the printer.

    6. Select the cpj file you wish to transfer and select Open.

    7. The file will be transferred via your network connection to the printer.

    8. When the transfer is complete the print will be in your Print Library.

Transferring a Print via USB

    1. Insert a USB Drive into your computer.

    2. Open the File Library on your computer.

    3. Navigate to the cpj file you wish to transfer.

    4. Transfer the file to the USB drive.

    5. Select USB Transfer on the main screen of the Core Printer.

    6. Insert the Thumb Drive into the printer.

    7. The contents of the Thumb Drive will be displayed.

    8. Scroll to the Print to be transferred and select to initiate the transfer process.