B9Creator Print Issues

If your printer has not been setup, complete the setup process per the Instructional Videos.

A print issue can be caused by several issues.  You can eliminate several potential issues by printing the Calibration Print.  If the Calibration Print is within specifications you can eliminate the following issues. The issues are listed by the most probable causes with links to the resolution.

  1. Build Table not calibrated – re-calibration required for each Vat and resin change
  2. Vat PDMS is not level, cloudy or torn
  3. B9 Resin issue; not mixed prior to each use and/or used resin – use a new bottle of Resin.
  4. Printer Manager “Current Configuration” not set for the correct Z microns.
  5. Warped Build Table – Red build tables can warp, we recommend using the Stainless Steel Build table.
  6. Sweeper plate positioned incorrectly
  7. Red Slide Plate sticking (located underneath the Vat) – Clean inside rails with Isopropyl alcohol.
  8. Projector Issues. If prints are complete but you are experiencing size and/or detail issues complete the following.

a. Calibration

b. Tuning

c. Print Management and Printer Settings

        i. Incorrect Resolution settings

d. Lens cover on projector

        9. Vat in wrong position, PDMS not positioned over open window

        10. X Axis Motor issue 

        11. Z Axis motor issue

The remaining probable causes are:

  1. Improper model Orientation and/or Support.
  2. Print may not be printable.

Picture A. Cloudy Vat can cause print failures and must be replaced


If your issue is not resolved after following these procedures submit a ticket. Include the following information.

  • Take a picture of the Vat window.
  • Print the Calibration Print for the resolution setup from the printer library.
  • Clean per the Post Printing Cleaning Procedures.
  • Provide a Picture of  the Calibration Print with the measurements of the five squares.
  • If the Sample Print is successful, provide clear pictures of your failed prints. Please identify problematic areas clearly and provide to customer support for assistance.