B9Creator Troubleshooting – First Steps

Find the category describing the issue you are experiencing and implement the recommended resolution(s).

New B9Creator Printer Setup

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First Print

Computer and Printer Setup Issues

B9Creator Computer Display Settings
B9Creator How to Resolve Driver Issues

Printer Equipment Issues

B9Creator Projector Issue Checklist
B9Creator X Axis Movement Issues

B9Creator Z Axis Motor Problems

B9Creator Correcting Z Motor Banding

B9Creator Home Sensors Test

Print Issues

    B9Creator Print Issues

Errors and Codes

    B9Creator “Command: A061 Failed” Resolution
    B9Creator Communication Error - Printer Stalls with or without error message.

    B9Creator Abort - Mechanism Error

Component Replacement

    B9Creator PCB Board Replacement
    B9Creator X Motor Replacement

    B9Creator Z Axis Motor Replacement

    B9Creator Projector Bulb Replacement


    B9Creator Computer Recommendation