Core Series Print Issues quick guide resolution

Print Issue


Print Failure

The #1 cause of print failures is incorrect supports and/or orientation issue.

Orientation, Support and Design Guidelines

Video Tutorials

Orientation & Support Basics
Supporting a mesh Bracelet

Roughness on a Print – cured flakes and/or lumps of resin attached to the model. This can occur with all resins.

Roughness on Print - Interior Glass Cleaning

Surface finish roughness near the signet head.

Orientate at an angle which reduces the surface area being printed.

Split at top of signet ring

Place supports along arch.  Do not include a support at top center.

White Surface Discoloration

Assure Isopropyl alcohol has been dried prior to cure.
Particles in the resin can attach to models during printing.

Filter resin if particles are present.

Shinny surface finish

Clean all residual resin prior to cure.

Post Printing and DuraVat Cleaning Procedures
Post cure cracks in the design.

Reduce cure time.

Grow lines on non-vertical surfaces

Slice for Surface Finish
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