Core Series – Slice for Surface Finish

1. The Create software revision should be 1.0.27 or later. 

        To verify the Print Manager software revision, select the icon.

2. Updating the Create Software

        a. The create print manager should display an update notice as shown in the top right of the picture below. Select the notice to begin the Create software update. You can also download the file by selecting: B9Create 1.0.27 .EXE


3. Update the Printer Firmware

4. Open the Create Software Print Editor.  Import an existing cpj file or complete the orientation and support process on a stl file.

5. Prior to Slicing, select the “Slice for Surface Finish” box as shown below and then select “Slice...”.

        Note: Surface finish slicing will take longer to slice.

6.  Transfer the cpj file to the printer which has been updated to Firmware 57 or later and begin the print. Surface Finish Prints will be identified in the Printer Library with a orange logo and end with a +.